The decision to finally take the plunge and head off on a long-awaited trip was made shortly after some sound advice from my grandma…
“Travel now, while you’re young. Don’t bother waiting until you’ve saved up enough money, you never will. Sod it, you can deal with that afterwards. Go while you can still make the most of your experiences.”

So grandma, this big adventure in my life, as well as my incredible shortbread baking skills, is inspired by you. Thank you.

My other half and I touchdown in San Francisco on 27th August where we’ll be staying with, and travelling amongst, some of his family up and down the coast for 9 weeks. Then we head on a cross country adventure aboard planes, trains and automobiles via Chicago and Washington DC until we hit the Big Apple, flying back to the not-so-sunny UK on November 12th.

Current location: Sheffield, UK

Miles travelled: 0

Wish you were here.