I’m going to miss Sheffield. I ended up here by accident really, following Mark to uni in the Steel City after nearly four years of a long distance relationship. It’s been a real home, somewhere I’ve been able to indulge in my northern, foodie and old man pub roots. Here I’ve had my first experience on the dole (one for the scrapbook!), paid my very first electricity bill, started a self-employed career doing something that I love and made some great friends along the way. All in all, a great success.

Things I’m going to miss about Sheffield:

  • The hills. Yes really, all seven of them. There’s always a new view of the city to find somewhere amongst them.
  • The trees. Ask me about Sheffield and I’ll always whip out my favourite fact – it’s the greenest city in Europe! There are more trees per person in Sheffield than anywhere else in the continent…. Apparently!
  • Rutland burgers. I’m not sure that I’ll find a replacement even in the USA.
  • The art. Sheffield has a brilliant art scene and, although you might have to look a bit harder to find the real buzz, when you find it there’s so much more to see.
  • The local grub. One of the best things about Sheffield is its community feel and a lot of this comes from the fantastic local food producers and campaigners. I’ll have Our Cow Molly over Ben & Jerrys any day and can never resist some Moss Valley sausages! Will you deliver?!
  • Pud Inn. Where else can you get away with a five course meal that only consists of sweets?!
  • The office. I had a lovely shared office space in Harland Works that I’m going to miss. Lots of lovely people in a great work environment that helped me separate work and home and forced me to get out of my pyjamas now and again!
  • The rain. Ha, yeah right.

Listen to me getting all sentimental, I haven’t even left yet! But, alas, this time next week I’ll be heading down south and getting ready for our next big adventure. Bye Sheffield, keep in touch.

Wish you were here