Before I moved out of Sheffield I read an article in the Guardian comment series ‘The graduate without a future’. Now, I don’t like to think I’m a graduate without a future but the reason it caught my eye was because it was titled ‘Moving back to your parents’ home: a survival guide’. I suddenly started to panic that maybe moving back home to save rent money for the trip might leave me crawling the walls and regressing into a moody, door-slamming teenager. Luckily, the walls are freshly painted and the carpets make doors un-slammable.

Inspired, I pulled together my own top tips for graduates living back at home:

  • Keep clear of the kitchen. My mother seems to think that I’m a Michelin Star cook. I’m flattered but it does cause kitchen conflicts. My homemade rosewater syrup and collection of wine vinegars are yet to make an appearance and any seasoning changes I make are sensed from a mile away. Likewise, I cringe any time a metal spoon goes near the Le Creuset pot and frown when the oil is drained from a bolognese. I’ve learnt that too many cooks definitely spoil the broth, or ramen.
  • Distract them with kittens. My cat Oscar needs somewhere to stay while we’re in the States and, although they deny it now, my parents signed up for it. He’s been the perfect guest, apart from the weeing on the bed incident, and has his own little combing routine with my mum. My sister even caught them playing ‘Ozzy Olympics’ with a twig and a boules set in the garden.
  • Get your siblings on side. I am very fortunate to have a not-so-little sister who is also my best friend, most of the time. She has a telephone voice to rival the Queen’s and an ability to eat yoghurt with everything, but our ‘sister sense’ keeps us both sane or at least means we can rant together.
  • Wine. Lots of it. If in doubt, drink. But make sure you put the points on their Tesco clubcard.

Current location: Worcester, UK

Miles travelled: 87

Wish you were here.