Twelve hours might not seem like a long time in the grand scale of things, it can fly by when you’re having fun. But when it’s flying by at 40,000 feet, things start to grind to a halt. Get stuck in the middle seats with your knees resting almost by your ears and suddenly twelve hours seems a million miles away (or 5,000).

After trawling through the in-flight entertainment and taking advantage of the free gin, I started to wonder if there was anything more productive I could be doing with my dozen hours…

  • Watch all the extended versions of the Lord of the Rings films with just enough time to make some popcorn.
  • Cook about 102 perfectly boiled eggs.
  • According to my WPM, write 57,600 words.
  • Earn £72.96 on minimum wage.
  • Listen to Echoes by Pink Floyd 31 times.
  • Spend $12,000 on the most expensive attorney in the world.

But despite the numb bums, screaming children and far-too-cheerful air stewards, the time all disappears when the wheels hit tarmac and you know it’s the start of something exciting.


Current Location: Belmont, California
Miles Traveled: 5,700
Free Gins Consumed: 3

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