Three days in and we decided it was time to make our first trip into ‘The City’. Cousin Clay was our first tour guide of San Francisco and showed us the sights of the Tenderloin, North Beach and Chinatown. Driving up and down, and up and down, the dramatic hills all seemed a bit surreal and it wasn’t until we settled down with a sandwich the size of my head at Giordano’s that we had chance to let it sink in. It was good to have an insider’s guide to the place and it meant we could check out places that most tourists wouldn’t have on their to-do list.

We trekked up another hill to admire the view from the top of Twin Peaks. We were lucky to have a fogless day, meaning the skyline looked particularly amazing. Even luckier was the man in front of us who had chosen the day and the spot to pop the question. Hitting the road again we drove through Castro and played spot the nudist. Seeing a guy in just a pair of trainers and a neckerchief buying a hotdog was priceless.

A stark contrast to the bustling city of San Francisco was the quite but beautiful Huddart Park. I’ve quickly learnt that over here people live for the weekend so, as it was mid-week, we practically had the place to ourselves. The road in was stunning, I still haven’t quite got my head round the day-to-day scenery yet, and let Mark unleash his inner racecar driver (as much as you can in a truck). The Redwoods were huge, unlike the snake that slithered out of the bushes and made us jump a foot in the air. Just a common Garter Snake!

After a beer and burger stop at the Alpine Inn we called in for a mooch round Palo Alto. Mark described it as something out of The Truman Show. It was almost too pristine. But, it was a good opportunity to explore a local town and buy our first bit of Americana merchandise… with cats on, of course.

After so many clear skies, the drive back was the first time we saw the reason San Francisco is called the Fog City.








Current Location: San Francisco, Huddart Park, Palo Alto
Nudists spotted: 5
Epic sandwiches consumed: 1
Buckets sweated: 2