Once upon a time I put pen to paper on an application form for an exchange year at Berkeley, then a strapping young photographer came along and changed things somewhat. Of course I have no regrets but it has always given me a rose-tinted view of what I think the college would look and feel like. On visiting, I can see that I was pretty much spot on. The campus is incredible and the lush green scenery and hippy-vibe town really makes the Bowland Tower at Lancaster University (where I ended up instead) look extra grim.

The town itself reminds me a little of Sheffield so maybe it made me feel at home. There were loads of great independent eateries and a mix of shops and green spaces that have attracted a fun mix of individuals. Unlike a lot of places we have visited so far it was easy to park up and just explore on foot. Much more appealing to my legs that were starting to forget how to work. Nearby, the Berkeley Marina was stunning. Just imagine being able to go there to clear your head for studies. No regrets, honest.

Museums and art galleries in San Francisco are best saved for foggy days, particularly when these foggy days tie in with Free Tuesday. On the first Tuesday of every month there are a few culture spots across the city that are completely free to visit. This time round we chose the de Young and the Legion of Honour. de Young is a strange landmark within the Golden Gate Park that juts out amongst the greenery. It’s home to a mix of photography, sculpture and paintings, mostly from the Americas. The part that really stood out to me was the Observation Tower. Situated on the 9th floor it offers a full 360 view of the city, from here you can really see the fog rolling in over the hills.

The Legion of Honor is completely different, a classic building built in homage to the Louvre. Inside there are some big names like Monet, Van Gogh and Degas. Photography is allowed in most areas so you can just snap away at all these amazing famous pieces.

Current Locations: Berkeley, San Francisco
Regrets: 0, maybe 1/2.
Postcards bought: 5