We’ve always been quite proud of our burrito nights at the HuntFitz household, this means that finding the best burrito has been high on our to-do list whilst over in the States. So, we’ve decided to make our own Burritopedia with our finds…..

El Metate
Belmont, CA

Had a ‘wet’ burrito, i.e. a bit like an enchilada, was an epic feat but tasty. Lovely, fresh guacamole and help yourself to nachos and various dips. Pretty cool decor. Was a bit too much like hard work!
Ermahgerd rating: 8/10

Big Sur Burrito Bar
Big Sur, CA

Tucked away at the back of the Big Sur grocery store is a counter that does burritos, sandwiches and other tasty treats. You fill out a form, hand it over and wait for the magic to happen. They were nearly the size of my head and were packed with goodies. Very sad that I couldn’t finish it.
Ermahgerd rating: 9/10