I’ve written a handful of blogs in my time. Some were for work and others for pleasure, but none of them have really sat right with me. Up until now it’s always been a blog for joint experiences- a place where I could share my adventures around the world with my friends and family. In fact, it was a place where I could share our adventures.

You see, the thing about being an ‘our’ or a ‘we’ is that regardless of the adventure or the opportunity, the people you greet or wave goodbye to along the way, ‘we’ always has someone to come home to and share it with. ‘We’ always has someone to make plans with, choose road trip playlists with, enjoy sunsets on the sand with, find backstreet restaurants with, someone to reminisce and reflect with.

I recently went from being a ‘we’ to an ‘I’. After nearly eight years of ‘our’, I’m starting to deal with finding my adventures. It’s strange. After being a half for so long, becoming a whole is a little intimidating. You have to face who you really are and what you really want. It’s not easy but I’m starting to see that somehow through the heartache, sleep deprivation and pints of gin, it all sort of falls into place.

So this is me, going it alone, Bridget Jones style. Ready to share my tales of balancing life, work and love in the maze of Hong Kong. Wish me luck.