I’ve hit the two month mark and I’m still standing, even if it is a little shakily. Here are some of the top tips I’ve learnt about single life so far:

  • Your friends and family are your whole world. I’ve really learnt who my friends are and it’s at times like these that they really prove themselves, wherever they are in the world. Skype is a lifesaver as is Beer Bay and their beautiful pints of gin.
  • Just keep swanning. I like to think of myself as a swan. I may look calm on top but I’m paddling like mad underneath. It’s exhausting putting on a front all the time but if enough people see your front and tell you how strong you are, you start to believe it yourself.
  • But don’t keep that front up 24/7. Confide in friends when you need to and never be ashamed to have a few nights cradled over Netflix, mac’n’cheese and a large bottle of wine.
  • It’s something you’re sick of hearing but keep busy. Yes you need to learn to spend time alone but that will come. For now, party and party hard. Just don’t do what I did and do it to the point where you have suspected pneumonia. Ouch.
  • When the crash hits, there is no shame in ordering McDonalds to your door if you’re feeling like the outside world is too much. If you want my advice, it tastes so much better with some whiskey in that XL Coca Cola you added to it. P.S. I’m doing that right now.