What do you do when you’ve planned a couple’s holiday and you end up flying solo? Take your best friend instead.


I remember when I first saw a photo of Thailand on a birthday card from my grandma. I must have been about thirteen and I knew the second I looked at it that it was somewhere I had to visit. I feel very lucky that I have now embarked on two holidays to my dream destination, each experience was incredible and unique in its own way.

Last year I travelled with a group of my closest Hong Kong friends and did it backpacker style – mopeds, street stalls, impulse decisions and beer. This time I was with my best friend Candice, heading off on my first single girls holiday in style.

After a long delay at Hong Kong airport (fuelled by Pizza Express and frozen Kirin Ichiban – apparently the only alcoholic beverage you can find in the airport after 11pm) I arrived in Bangkok just in time to see the sun rise and awake Candice from her jet lagged slumber. We had just over 24 hours in the city and we were going to make the most of them.

First stop (after waffles of course) was the famous Grand Palace. It’s a huge set-up with more temples and courtyards than you could hope to visit in one morning. We gave it a good go but after a couple of hours walking around completely covered (no shoulders or legs allowed!) in the baking sun we grabbed an ice cream and admitted defeat.

When Candice and I lived in Sheffield most of our Sundays were spent baking and sewing – we are craft nerds. So we were both keen to check out the house of Jim Thompson, silk industry saviour. It’s a beautiful site that, although is full of tour groups, does feel a little different to the rest of the checklist top ten attractions. I really loved just wandering around the crooked corridors and flowery gardens – a novelty when you live in a concrete jungle like Hong Kong.

All that sight-seeing on three hours sleep I was starting to need a breather. Luckily the rooftop pool (and great happy hour) at our hotel did just the trick. Having got a taste for delicious drinks in high places we went on the hunt for rooftop bars and restaurants in the city. We decided on Above Eleven. The views were awesome and, while we had to wait an hour or so for a table due to a mix up, the cocktails helped make the time pass and the food was incredible.

The next morning we packed up our backpacks and jumped on a cheap flight down south to meet some friends in Koh Phagnan.


More photos here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/rebecca_hunt/albums/72157651066254862