My short stint in Bangkok was fun but when you’ve been cooped up in a big city with very little time off, when your holiday does roll around you want the beach and sea air – fast! So I was secretly relieved that it wasn’t long before we had to get on a plane and touchdown in Koh Phangan.

I’ve stayed on the island before but this time we were doing it in style. We were booked in, with two more friends from home, at an amazing villa that overlooked the sea and was ten times the size of my tiny Hong Kong flat. We spent our first two days relaxing by the resort’s pool, watching fireworks from the bar, exploring the surrounding area on tuktuks and getting massages on hidden beaches. Pure bliss.

The highlight of our Koh Phangan trip for me though was our full day cookery school. I had seen ‘My Wok and Me’ next door to the place I had stayed last year but never got round to checking it out. Luckily this time my foodie friends didn’t take much convincing.

We arrived in the morning and met our fellow sous chefs for the day. After being given a huge menu of options we were told that we could choose five dishes to prepare that day. After a terribly British dialogue, “You choose” “No, please you choose”, we eventually settled on some food.

The guide set us up on bicycles and we made our way down to the local market where we tried loads of street food and delicacies that I might of otherwise been hesitant to try and bought all of our ingredients for the afternoon.

The chefs at Wok and Me were fantastic. They took us through the courses step by step, providing lots of advice and alternatives for my veggie friends, and it was very rewarding to sit back with a cold beer and feast on our creations.

Having waved off Suzanne and John, Candice and I jumped on a boat for our next stop: Koh Tao.