We had every good intention of having a cultural China break. Honestly, we tried really hard. All five of us have lived in Hong Kong for over two years and are yet to step over the border to the Mainland. It’s not our fault! When you have to choose between getting visas and forking out for expensive flights and overnight trains or cheap flights, beautiful beaches and crazy nightlife – you always go for the latter right?

No regrets.

Boracay in the the Philippines was every bit as beautiful, crazy and exciting as I hoped it would be. My flatmates and I headed straight to the airport after a long day of screaming children to fly direct from Hong Kong to Kalibo. From here we spent a couple of hours on a bus (via an awkward failed sneak attack photo of a woman in hideous shorts – the flash went off) and finally docked in Boracay. We were tired, hungry and lost. It was 2am and White Beach was in full swing. We finally found our apartment, only for the owner to have the wrong keys and send us away for an hour. Heading back to the beach we walked past the bragging Geordie with his catch for the night and wandered what on earth we were doing there.

Waking up and heading to the beach the next morning, we knew exactly what we were doing there. It was the white sand and clear sea that I have only ever dreamed of.

Now, we’re all friends here so I’m going to be totally honest with you. It was not the most sober week of my life. Boracay is named the party island of the Philippines for a good reason. So in an attempt to look like I did a little more than just drink, dance and lose all of my shoes, these were my highlights.

Spider House Bar

My dear friend Anneka recommended this place to me and I can, hands down, say it is the most incredible place I have ever been in my life. We arrived early afternoon and managed to bag ourselves some of the best seats in the house. Nursing our heads from the night before we gorged on amazing food, washed away our hangovers with Bloody Marys and jumped into the beautifully clear sea. I saw one of the best sunsets in my life that night and the bar changed the music perfectly to fit with the sun going down.


Ariel’s Point

Climbing aboard a slightly risky looking boat with a dozen other people, Justin Bieber blaring and beers flowing, we weren’t quite sure what we were letting ourselves in for. When we arrived at the cliffside venue we were blown away. We had the whole day to eat, drink, jump, snorkel and swim in this stunning location. Due to an unfortunate shoulder dislocation on a Flying Fish inflatable the day before I was unable to jump but that didn’t stop me enjoying everything else Ariel’s Point had to offer. Hammocks, rum, BBQ and rock pools – the dream!


Puka Beach

Located on the north of the island, Puka Beach is much quieter than party capital White Beach. I have no idea why because it is one of the most beautiful beaches I have ever been to. Lined with coconut trees and hut bars, it’s the perfect way to escape the more tourist side of Boracay and relax in a totally tropical environment.

Hint: head to the caves at the end of the beach, they’re not much to look at but we saw some fantastic couple photoshoots going on!


Sunny Side Cafe

Four words. Bacon. Mango. Grilled. Cheese.


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