In an attempt to undo some of the damage our holiday in Boracay had done to our bodies, my flatmates and I have become a little obsessed with night hiking – or Niking as we like to call it.

Once a week we’ve been donning our trainers and heading uphill to get some exercise while enjoying some of the spectacular views Hong Kong has to offer.


For now we’ve been sticking to The Peak hike or its neighbour Lung Fu Shan as both our within easy distance of our home in Sheung Wan. Be prepared to sweat but it’s worth every droplet for the views.

Lung Fu Shan can be reached from near HKU station. Details here. First time round we attempted to do it after dark but our brave hiking faces quickly diminished when the phone torch died and we thought we could hear something in the bushes. The second time we started late afternoon and made it to the top just in time for sunset. Drinking from our water bottle of gin and tonic we quickly legged it back down before it got too dark!

The Peak hike is pretty straightforward and from Hollywood Road we can do it door to door in 45 minutes. It’s quick, relatively easy, if sweaty, and you can grab a bubble tea from the top before getting the bus back down to town.