I’ve never been great at theme parks. There’s no point denying it, I’m a bit of a wuss. Rides just aren’t my cup of tea. Nevertheless when my friends found out I’d lived in Hong Kong and hadn’t yet been to Ocean Park, they were keen to resolve this.

Ocean Park is apparently the 13th most visited theme park in the world and, to be honest, it’s in a pretty awesome spot. Jump on the 8 minute cable car ride to be whisked through the mountains, over the South China Sea and grounded in the centre of a venue that screams Hong Kong. It’s big, brash, noisy and over-the-top, everything we love to hate about this city.


So here are my top tips for being a wuss at Ocean Park:

  • Take a camera. I took this opportunity to nerd out with my camera and try and grab some shots while I was waiting for everyone to finish queuing for the rides. There are some interesting parts to see and some cracking views if you get as lucky with the weather as we did.
  • Corn dogs. Eat all the corn dogs. Delicious processed meaty corn dogs.
  • Visit the aquarium. I love aquariums (as you will know from my previous Monterey Bay post) and the one here is pretty decent. There are some great rooms with floor to ceiling tanks and some weird and wonderful creatures to be seen from all over the globe. As I was quoted saying..

    The local fish here are shit.

  • Watch the shows. I, like most people, was pretty scarred by Blackfish but the show at the Ocean Theatre promotes marine conservation and the animals look well-cared for. The dolphins do a few flips and tricks, it’s a good family fun affair set, weirdly, to The Sims Buy Mode soundtrack.

If you laugh at the face of fear, head to Ocean Park at Halloween. The shows and attractions are meant to be truly terrifying.