So for those of you that don’t know, ‘Grouvly’ sets up three girlfriends with three guyfriends on a mass blind date. I signed up for one recently and it all worked out much better than I thought it would. Here’s a blog post I wrote for them about my experience….

My single life over the past year could be made into a dating disaster novel. Being in long term relationships since you’re a teenager does not put you in a good position for the big bad dating world in a city full of singletons.

There was the man in Rula Bula who I forced to take my details. I think it was the third time I tried to call myself off his phone to get his number that I realised it wasn’t going through because, in fact, he was hanging up the call.

How about the charming Californian who began to lose interest after a drunken date ended in a near trip to A&E. I’m still sporting the eyebrow scar.

Oh sweet Tinder. Without you I would never have met my wee 22 year old who treated me to one glass of wine before telling me I was ‘kinda cool’ and inviting me to his house. But, of course we would have to be quiet because his parents would still be up.


As a teacher, meeting people outside the education expat circuit can be a little difficult. This is when Grouvly saved the day. I signed up with two girl friends in a similar position to me, one of whom had only been in the city a week! It seemed like a good opportunity to meet people outside our normal social circles.

Sylvia was a superstar. We had to shift things around a little to get the timings right but she worked really hard to make sure we were with a suitable group. All of a sudden we were on our way to Wooloomooloo to meet three strangers.

The guys were hilarious. All nerves were dissolved almost instantly over a spilt drink and a group sigh of relief when we realised we were all Netflix bingers. Within a couple of hours we were being bought tequila shots by a neighbouring couple and there is a slight chance we may have gatecrashed the live music. Sorry Wooloomooloo guests of that evening, you will never be able to unhear that version of Valerie.

Some slightly drunken texts and photos were sent to the Grouvly team and a midnight call was made to the bar to get more drinks in. And then the words that turn any next day at work into a horror show were whispered, and then murmured and then shrieked…. WANCHAI!!!

While I may never be able to forgive Grouvly for that 2 hour sleep Wanchai hangover at work, we are still in regular touch with the guys from our date. It was a big confidence boost to meet total strangers and just have a lot of fun with no pressure. Maybe I can single after all.