The past few months have been difficult as we reach the time of year when people start coming and going. A few of my best friends have been leaving and, unfortunately, my favourite fivesome is about to become three. Two of our besties are setting sail for the States and we’re making the most of the time before they go.

Each of us has been taking it in turns to choose an activity or dinner as a total surprise for the rest. This week we were told to grab a Beer Bay gin and head to the harbour for our next instructions. A leisurely start turned into a quick run as we legged it down the front to make it to a brightly decorated ferry.


This ferry, in fact, belonged to the Rainbow Seafood Restaurant on Lamma Island, famous over the last 30 years for it’s fresh and tasty fish, crab and lobster. We were sat on a great table overlooking the sea and were brought beers and menus as the restaurant began to fill.

We were a bit overwhelmed by all of the choice on the menu so we decided to choose the set meal for 6. That way we had an array of different dishes to try, some we knew we would love and some that could try after a couple of the beers (fish heads). Seafood is something that I have only begun to love since moving to Asia so I was happy to try most things. For me, the best bits were the lobster and crab. They were so fresh and meaty I think even non seafood fans would be converted.

Like many seafood restaurants in Hong Kong you also have the option to choose your fish from the live tanks and how you want them served – a little gruesome for some, but a delicacy for others.

We forked out a good $400 each at least for lunch so don’t expect it to be easy on your wallet. It is, however, worth it for the amazing food, fun experience and any excuse to spend your evening walking around beautiful Lamma Island.