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Sometimes buys £2.99 wine from Aldi

After racking up nearly 2000 miles on our last road trip, the thought of heading on another loop was becoming less appealing. Instead of the original plan to head to Oregon and Seattle, we decided to spend our last couple of weeks making the most of the Bay Area. Considering how long we’ve been in the States already, we’ve only been into San Francisco a handful of times and there’s still a lot of the Schoensteins to see.

Rather than ramble on about every activity we managed to squeeze into the rest of our time in the bay, we’ve made a note of our highlights….

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Cattle farms, chimps and crack apples….

I’ve seen apples used in fruit salads, with cheese and as part of a chocolate fondue. Call me naive but doing the Walk of Fame in Hollywood is the first time I’ve seen them used to smoke crack. My first impression of Los Angeles wasn’t quite what I was expected. Alongside the glitz and glamour, although I use these words tentatively, there are a lot of lives in shopping trollies, cardboard messages and even more crack apples. Although it makes for a good photography project, I was surprised how run down the area felt.

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Running on hot air and holy water

I like to think that I’m not as afraid of heights as I used to be. I like to think a lot of things. Stood at the top of a 200ft spiral staircase with nothing but a cavern to break my fall, I decided maybe I was afraid of heights after all. But, much shaking and sweating later, I made it to the bottom to see the largest public cave chamber in California.

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On the road again.

We’ve been on the road for nearly 3 weeks now and our lens and pens commitments have been sitting on the back burner. Today is my first chance to sit down and think over everything we’ve done since I last put pen to paper or finger to computer.

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Under, over, above, home run.

The ultimate San Francisco landmark is the Golden Gate Bridge. Until now I had managed to buy a rubber stamp replica of it but not actually go anywhere near it. Then, all of a sudden, we got to see it from every angle possible. Driving to the harbour of Sausalito meant taking our first trip over the Golden Gate. We were lucky to have a really clear day and, although we were literally on top of it, it was still a bit surreal to be surrounded by this icon you’ve seen so many times on screen and in print.

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Awesome (adj) : Inspiring great admiration, extremely impressive or daunting.

Our first solo adventure took us down south to explore some seaside towns along Highway 1. First stop, Santa Cruz – the Blackpool of California. There weren’t as many flashing lights as the garish British town but that could have been because we managed to visit on a weekday, out of season, when none of the rides were running. But the sea lions were there and ready for a good natter.

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A college fairytale.

Once upon a time I put pen to paper on an application form for an exchange year at Berkeley, then a strapping young photographer came along and changed things somewhat. Of course I have no regrets but it has always given me a rose-tinted view of what I think the college would look and feel like. On visiting, I can see that I was pretty much spot on. The campus is incredible and the lush green scenery and hippy-vibe town really makes the Bowland Tower at Lancaster University (where I ended up instead) look extra grim.

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Trees vs. Spartans & trombone jousting.

Five days in and no sign of a burrito, time to change that at El Metate in Belmont. Then, what better way to wash it down than with a trip to the seaside. We saw another side to Half Moon Bay, without the posh golf course, and the Brits will be pleased to know we had to wear jumpers!

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This burrito is delicious, but it is filling….

We’ve always been quite proud of our burrito nights at the HuntFitz household, this means that finding the best burrito has been high on our to-do list whilst over in the States. So, we’ve decided to make our own Burritopedia with our finds…..

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