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36 Hours in Taipei

Dating is still a relatively new concept to me but even I know that if you’re invited on a date to Taiwan, you don’t say no. So this week I threw some clothes in my backpack and jet off for just 36 hours in Taiwan’s capital Taipei.

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Riding the Rickshaw

As I mentioned before, my friends and I have been planning surprise activities for each other in the run up to our favourite couple leaving. This week it was the final round and my turn, so the pressure was on. I decided to make us tourists for the night and organise doing something we said we’d always do… the Rickshaw Bus.

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Rainbow Seafood Restaurant, Lamma Island

The past few months have been difficult as we reach the time of year when people start coming and going. A few of my best friends have been leaving and, unfortunately, my favourite fivesome is about to become three. Two of our besties are setting sail for the States and we’re making the most of the time before they go.

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Getting Grouvly

So for those of you that don’t know, ‘Grouvly’ sets up three girlfriends with three guyfriends on a mass blind date. I signed up for one recently and it all worked out much better than I thought it would. Here’s a blog post I wrote for them about my experience….

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How to be a Wuss at Ocean Park

I’ve never been great at theme parks. There’s no point denying it, I’m a bit of a wuss. Rides just aren’t my cup of tea. Nevertheless when my friends found out I’d lived in Hong Kong and hadn’t yet been to Ocean Park, they were keen to resolve this.

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Niking: Night Hiking in Hong Kong

In an attempt to undo some of the damage our holiday in Boracay had done to our bodies, my flatmates and I have become a little obsessed with night hiking – or Niking as we like to call it.

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Barely Surviving Boracay

We had every good intention of having a cultural China break. Honestly, we tried really hard. All five of us have lived in Hong Kong for over two years and are yet to step over the border to the Mainland. It’s not our fault! When you have to choose between getting visas and forking out for expensive flights and overnight trains or cheap flights, beautiful beaches and crazy nightlife – you always go for the latter right?

No regrets.

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Walking Off the Beaten Path in Koh Tao

I could spend a lifetime island-hopping in the south of Thailand, there are so many beautiful spots to explore. I’d heard a lot about the tiny island of Koh Tao but hadn’t got round to visiting last time I was in the country. It’s renowned for its diving but as a big fish phobic, I was heading there for the chilled atmosphere and beautiful scenery.

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Cooking in Koh Phangan

My short stint in Bangkok was fun but when you’ve been cooped up in a big city with very little time off, when your holiday does roll around you want the beach and sea air – fast! So I was secretly relieved that it wasn’t long before we had to get on a plane and touchdown in Koh Phangan.

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