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Robots, Penguins, Disney and Sushi in Tokyo

With only one day left in Tokyo, I wanted to make it count. I had checked off most of the tourist attractions and city walks on my list so I was left with a day to do all the bits and pieces that were at the back of my mind. I grabbed my guidebook and planned my route to Odaiba.

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Getting my Ghibli Geek on

To say I’m a bit of a Ghibli nerd would be an understatement. My whole trip to Tokyo revolved around when I could get into the museum. It’s a funny place to try and talk about because my favourite part of visiting was that I had no expectations. For the first time ever, I didn’t do a single bit of research or Instagram searching because I wanted it to be a surprise.

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Bird Scaring and Maid Dreamin’ in Harajuku and Akihabara

I’ve seen my fair share of temples so I wasn’t sure if there were going to be any on my Tokyo bucket list. After speaking to my friend over dinner I quickly learnt the Meiji Shrine was the place to go. A quick rummage through my Lonely Planet book further backed this opinion and I decided to give it a shot.

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Finding my Feet in Asakusa, Ueno and Shibuya.

The past year has seen me set myself some terrifying challenges. I’ve been pushing myself beyond boundaries I previously couldn’t even hope to reach. One of the biggest struggles for me in recent years has been as simple as being alone. Alone with my own thoughts and my own responsibility. This month I went past that boundary at lightening speed as I travelled to Tokyo completely alone, I truly was flying solo.

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36 Hours in Taipei

Dating is still a relatively new concept to me but even I know that if you’re invited on a date to Taiwan, you don’t say no. So this week I threw some clothes in my backpack and jet off for just 36 hours in Taiwan’s capital Taipei.

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Riding the Rickshaw

As I mentioned before, my friends and I have been planning surprise activities for each other in the run up to our favourite couple leaving. This week it was the final round and my turn, so the pressure was on. I decided to make us tourists for the night and organise doing something we said we’d always do… the Rickshaw Bus.

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Rainbow Seafood Restaurant, Lamma Island

The past few months have been difficult as we reach the time of year when people start coming and going. A few of my best friends have been leaving and, unfortunately, my favourite fivesome is about to become three. Two of our besties are setting sail for the States and we’re making the most of the time before they go.

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Getting Grouvly

So for those of you that don’t know, ‘Grouvly’ sets up three girlfriends with three guyfriends on a mass blind date. I signed up for one recently and it all worked out much better than I thought it would. Here’s a blog post I wrote for them about my experience….

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Home for the Holidays

The one thing I miss the most about England (apart from my wonderful family) are the long summer evenings. Sunset varies by about an hour across the year in Hong Kong and we rarely see the sun past 7pm. Luckily the school holidays mean that for four lovely weeks I had the opportunity to head home and enjoy gardens, sunsets, strawberries, carpets, cheese, olives and overpriced train fares.

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