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Sunshine Hunting and Island Hopping in El Nido

Winters in Hong Kong are usually short and sweet but this year it feels like it has been grey, cold and wet forever. It’s pretty much been like living back in Manchester. On a hunt for some sunshine my best friends and I packed our bags and headed back¬†to the Philippines¬†hoping, this time, to avoid a 7 day hangover and a dislocated shoulder.

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Barely Surviving Boracay

We had every good intention of having a cultural China break. Honestly, we tried really hard. All five of us have lived in Hong Kong for over two years and are yet to step over the border to the Mainland. It’s not our fault! When you have to choose between getting visas and forking out for expensive flights and overnight trains or cheap flights, beautiful beaches and crazy nightlife – you always go for the latter right?

No regrets.

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