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Sometimes buys £2.99 wine from Aldi

After racking up nearly 2000 miles on our last road trip, the thought of heading on another loop was becoming less appealing. Instead of the original plan to head to Oregon and Seattle, we decided to spend our last couple of weeks making the most of the Bay Area. Considering how long we’ve been in the States already, we’ve only been into San Francisco a handful of times and there’s still a lot of the Schoensteins to see.

Rather than ramble on about every activity we managed to squeeze into the rest of our time in the bay, we’ve made a note of our highlights….

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Under, over, above, home run.

The ultimate San Francisco landmark is the Golden Gate Bridge. Until now I had managed to buy a rubber stamp replica of it but not actually go anywhere near it. Then, all of a sudden, we got to see it from every angle possible. Driving to the harbour of Sausalito meant taking our first trip over the Golden Gate. We were lucky to have a really clear day and, although we were literally on top of it, it was still a bit surreal to be surrounded by this icon you’ve seen so many times on screen and in print.

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A college fairytale.

Once upon a time I put pen to paper on an application form for an exchange year at Berkeley, then a strapping young photographer came along and changed things somewhat. Of course I have no regrets but it has always given me a rose-tinted view of what I think the college would look and feel like. On visiting, I can see that I was pretty much spot on. The campus is incredible and the lush green scenery and hippy-vibe town really makes the Bowland Tower at Lancaster University (where I ended up instead) look extra grim.

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Hot dogs in the fog city.

Three days in and we decided it was time to make our first trip into ‘The City’. Cousin Clay was our first tour guide of San Francisco and showed us the sights of the Tenderloin, North Beach and Chinatown. Driving up and down, and up and down, the dramatic hills all seemed a bit surreal and it wasn’t until we settled down with a sandwich the size of my head at Giordano’s that we had chance to let it sink in. It was good to have an insider’s guide to the place and it meant we could check out places that most tourists wouldn’t have on their to-do list.

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