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Walking Off the Beaten Path in Koh Tao

I could spend a lifetime island-hopping in the south of Thailand, there are so many beautiful spots to explore. I’d heard a lot about the tiny island of Koh Tao but hadn’t got round to visiting last time I was in the country. It’s renowned for its diving but as a big fish phobic, I was heading there for the chilled atmosphere and beautiful scenery.

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Cooking in Koh Phangan

My short stint in Bangkok was fun but when you’ve been cooped up in a big city with very little time off, when your holiday does roll around you want the beach and sea air – fast! So I was secretly relieved that it wasn’t long before we had to get on a plane and touchdown in Koh Phangan.

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Braving Bangkok in 24 Hours

What do you do when you’ve planned a couple’s holiday and you end up flying solo? Take your best friend instead.


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